Combat GLP-1 Side Effects with Fit&Lean Meal Shake

Combat GLP-1 Side Effects with Fit&Lean Meal Shake

Fit&Lean Meal Shake: Your GLP-1 Sidekick

Millions of people are achieving their weight loss goals with GLP-1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide-1) medications, and now we have a solution to help combat some of the negative side effects users are experiencing and further support their fitness journey. 

If you’re currently or were recently on a GLP-1 (Semaglutide) medication like Ozempic, Rybelsus or Wegovy, or other weight loss medications such as Mounjaro or Zepbound, then you’re likely to experience symptoms such as muscle loss, gut issues, weight regain, low bone density, and gaps in your nutrition. Fit&Lean Meal Shake is your all-in-one solution to help with all of these symptoms, both during and after treatment, in a delicious and nutritious shake!

Read about how Fit&Lean Meal Shake helps combat specific side effects of GLP-1 medications below!

1. Muscle Loss

When losing weight on a GLP-1, you are losing not only fat, but also muscle mass. Muscle mass plays an important role in metabolic health and contributes to having a fit and toned physique. In fact, recent semaglutide trials found 39–40% of weight lost on the GLP-1 drugs was lean muscle mass. Fit&Lean Meal Shake provides 20 grams of high-quality protein to support lean muscle and recovery during periods of diet and exercise restriction. 

2. Gut Issues

Gut issues like constipation are one of the most common symptoms of GLP-1 due to the way it impacts the gastrointestinal system. GLP-1 medications keep you feeling full by delaying the emptying of the stomach, which slows down digestion and absorption of food. This can have negative effects on your digestive system and cause constipation and discomfort, especially when trying to resume normal eating patterns. Fit&Lean Meal Shake contains 10-11 grams of fiber and 500 million active probiotics per serving to help promote a healthy gut, aid digestion, and ease bloating. 

3. Weight Regain

Many people who take a GLP-1 struggle at maintaining the weight loss after they come off the medication. Studies show that a majority of people gain two-thirds of the weight they lost on a GLP-1 medication back. Meal Shake's high fiber and protein content helps keep you feeling full and satisfied to prevent overeating and extra snacking. It also contains Green Coffee Bean & Green Tea to help boost metabolism, burn fat and further help you keep the weight off after coming off a GLP-1. Research also shows that people who incorporate a meal replacement into their diet are more successful at achieving weight loss.

4. Nutrition Gaps

Decreased appetite due to GLP-1 medications is likely to create nutrition gaps in your diet. When you are eating less in general, it is typical to miss out on important nutrients. Fit&Lean Meal Shake is packed with 28-30 whole fruits and vegetables such red beets, kale, and pineapple and provides your body with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Low Bone Density

Fast weight reduction often causes diminished bone density. Fit&Lean Meal Shake provides 130% DV of Vitamin D per serving to support bone density and strength. 


As you can see, our Meal Shake is the perfect tool to help support people currently taking or coming off of GLP-1 medications, or anyone on a fitness journey. We formulated it to provide 20g of protein and 10g of fiber into just 150 calories, while also containing key nutrients your body needs. Plus, with 6 delicious flavors - it'll satisfy your cravings and keep you feeling full and satisfied so you can keep crushing your goals.  


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